Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Projecting Geometry to a 3D Surface

A new powerful feature in AutoCAD 2011 is the PROJECTGEOMETRY command. This will allow you to project any curve, polyline, line or point to any 3D Surface. You have the option to specify the direction by the current view, by the direction vector, or by the UCS. The projected geometry is displayed as SPLINES on the selected 3D solid or surface body.

You can use this command to project TEXT (TXTEXP exploded) to a free surface.

By projecting geometry you can do the following:
  • Project points or curves onto a 3D solid or surface.
  • Project and trim a selected 3D solid or surface.
To trim the surface, set the SURFACEAUTOTRIM system variable to 1.

You can project any curve (Line, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, etc. onto any type of surface or solid.

For more detailed explanation simply type in PROJECTGEOMETRY in your AutoCAD 2011 Help.  See the BEFORE (Top Picture) and thte AFTER (Bottom Picture) for and example.

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