Thursday, March 25, 2010

AutoCAD 2011 is here!

What's new in AutoCAD 2011?
  • 175 New Commands
  • 86 enhanced commands and system variables
  • 41 new shortcuts, file types, and aliases
  • 19 undocumented commands and system variables
OK, that's way too much information for one blog entry. You can expect several entries in the near future informing you of the great new features available.

  • How about the ability to control your object visibility independant from the layer visibility! 
  • Can you say Point Clouds? Yes they can now be inserted into your AutoCAD world! 
  • Do you work with constraints that were introduced in AutoCAD 2010?  How about the ability to temporarily relax them for editing?  Yes you can!
  • Apply transparency to your AutoCAD objects in the same way you apply color, linetype and linewidth. Wow are you kidding me!
  • Additional secondary grips on polylines.... Oh my!
  • You are no longer forced to specify a replacement for a missing .SHX file!  Ya-Hoo!
  • New 3D workspaces
I can't stop myself I'm so excited!  I have been looking at this for a few weeks now and today I can tell you about it!  It doesn't stop here.  I'll be back real soon with more of the latest and greatest AutoCAD ever!

Till next time.


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