Wednesday, April 03, 2013

AutoCAD 2014 - Keeping Tabs on your drawing files

In earlier version of Autocad, switching between drawings required you to use Ctrl+Tab keys or switch your Ribbon to the View tab and use the Switch Windows drop-down menu. In Autocad 2014 we now have drawing file tabs.

You will find them just below the Ribbon. There are several tasks that you can perform from this area.

  • Switch between open drawings             
  • Reorder the drawing file tabs
  • Access layouts of open drawings         
  •  Open an existing drawing
  • Create a new drawing                            
  • Close all drawings, one drawing, or all except one drawing
  • Save a drawing, Saveas, and save all open drawings
  • Copy the file path to the clipboard
  • Open Windows Explorer at the location of the drawing
I used Ctrl+Tab but I had to keep hitting it until the drawing that I wanted was on top. I can now just go to the tab of the desired drawing and click just once to access it!

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